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Friday, February 9, 2007

Tips for Foreign Language Learners

Write in Your Own Words
"I have a tip that has always worked for me and I think it will work for you. When you're studying, don't just "look over" the material. Instead, turn your mental activity into a motor activity and write, write, write. If you're trying to learn ideas or concepts, paraphrase what you're reading and then write it in your own words. And, if you're trying to learn dates, formulas, verb conjugations, or vocabulary words, write them down as you study them. Then give yourself a little test by covering the original material and writing it from memory. You'll find it much easier to remember factual and conceptual information because, most of the time, what you write is what you know."
- By Judith Gramley

Copying and Reading
"When learning a foreign language, write out as much in the language as you can. Copying out the foreign words often helps to learn them. Try reading aloud or to yourself all individual words and exercises, again in the target language. Use the language lab and listen to native speakers on tape, and film. Have tapes copied and play these at home or while driving your car. Think about a particular foreign language assignment before going to bed. Materials gone over three to five minutes before falling asleep will be absorbed by the subconscious mind during sleep and more easily learned. Get a pen pal and force yourself to write letters, however simply, initially in the foreign language. If you really want to take a step toward better global understanding, learn a second language."
- By Dr. Tom Hajewski

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