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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Test Taking Strategies

Study Tips
"From my personal experience, I've learned that test-taking can be easier with a few simple tips. First, always study in a quiet environment that is well lit. Studying should begin at least ten days in advance. Give yourself manageable sections to study each day. This way, it will not be overwhelming. Know ahead of time exactly what to study for. The professors often give ideas as to what the test will be like. Take advantage of this. Quiz yourself on the material you studied, without using your books or notes. Doing this will give you an idea of how you will do on the test. Allow yourself a fifteen to twenty minute break for every hour of studying. During this time relax with a walk or a conversation with a friend. Before the exam, eat properly and have plenty of rest. Following these tips will help you when it comes to test time."
- By Joanne Hornstrom

Organization Ideas
"First of all, I recommend that you get a good night's sleep. Get up with time to spare. Shower, shampoo, have a good breakfast or lunch. Go to the examination early. Be confident about it. Second, I'd say that when you're studying, organize material for more effective memorizing. Usually professors have organized material -- such things as seven elements, eight causes, six results. Always use their organization. If they have not done this, then you must impose your own organization. It is easier to remember four headings with eight elements under each than to remember thirty single elements. So even if your headings have to be artificial, just use anything that's going to help you remember all the material. And last, do not over study. Whenever students draw blanks during an exam its because they have over studied. Study just long enough to be able to repeat to yourself once most of the material. Then go on to something else. Perhaps later return to the previous material to see if you have still retained it."
- By Ron Reinig

Last Minute Preparation
"If you've dug an academic hole for yourself, don't panic. Although, little except prayers and luck can help students who never go to class or crack a book all semester, there's one helpful technique for students who have fallen behind at mid-terms and finals. CRAM. First, pick the most important subjects from your material. Don't try to lightly know everything. Spend 25 percent of your time cramming and 75% drilling yourself. The key to cramming is memorization. Recite. Repeat. Then relax. Although cramming can't replace learning, it's counter-productive to scold yourself for not studying more effectively. Learn from your mistake. Think of cramming only as the lifeboat that bailed out a sinking ship."
- By Judy Reynolds

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