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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Your Learning Style

Figuring Out Your Learning Style
"Take a pointer from a wise sage named Socrates -- the one who said, "Know thyself." Each of us has our own unique learning style. For example, are you the person who says, "I can't think when it's noisy. I need quiet!" On the other hand, does your roommate always have the stereo playing when she studies? That actually could be because she needs to screen out distracting sounds with music. While some of us like quiet, others need music; some like bright light and others dim; some like to be bundled up in an afghan, while others need the fan. There are those who learn best by making lists, outlines, and charts -- others by reading or note-taking. And still others learn best in small group discussions. Take advantage of the offices on campus that can teach you more about your learning style. By taking time out to get to know your own style of learning -- not only will it help you make the grade, but Socrates would give you a gold star."
- By Cheryl Lossie

How Do You Study Best?
"It's important as a student to realize one's learning style if you want to be successful. By learning styles I mean that we need to understand the ways that we study the best. Whether it be quiet, whether it be with noise, whether it be in a place where there is a lot of lighting, not much lighting, whether it be lying down, or sitting up. Those are important to the success of how well we will learn and how well we will take in the information that we are dealing with. Another thought I would like to leave with you regarding success as an academic student is that we should put aside a time of day that we want to make use for studying. Consistency is the key to success."
- By Dr. Joe Marafino

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