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Monday, January 15, 2007

Trials and Tribulations in College

Physical Fitness
"It's a tough job to be a student. The endless assignments and stockpiles of information. It can make you into an academic couch potato. Therefore, don't neglect a balanced lifestyle -- the active with the academic. Keep your physical self in tune. There's substantial evidence which shows that high academic performance is more likely to occur when you're physically fit. Obvious conclusion? Routinely take yourself out for a jog, or a vigorous walk, or hit some racketballs, or play basketball -- whatever you can enjoy. Make it something that cranks your internal machinery into high gear for at least twenty minutes each time. Do this no less than three times a week. Wow -- that can be an investment of only an hour a week, and it's basically free. In return, your body will thank you and your brain will be refreshed."
- By Bob Gensemer

Seek Help When Needed
"Take this tip from a student who knows. Don't let those studies get behind. If you're having a difficult time in a course, falling behind, or spending too much time having a good time, this message is for you. Ask for help now, before it's too late. When I started college, I wasn't aware of the importance of an education. I was a freshman who didn't know what I wanted. When I fell behind, I skipped class rather than going for help. This put me on academic probation. I was lucky though, I found help through the Academic Support Services. They helped me find a direction, and I learned there are tutors available to help with those troubled classes. Class stopped being a burden and began to be interesting. I realized I could do the work and people here helped me to focus. If you feel like things are generally over your head, get help. There are people who care about you and want you to succeed. Take advantage of the help that is provided to you. Remember, you are here for a reason. Don't party yourself out of school. You can do it."
- By Tracy Hergenroeder

Withdrawing From a Course
"None of us likes to have to quit in the middle of something we've started, but sometimes it's the only alternative. Withdrawing from a course is not something to be taken lightly, but unforeseen things can happen that make it necessary. If you find yourself in the position of having to withdraw from a class, know the rules. The last day to withdraw from a class with a "W" grade is posted at the beginning of every semester. After the official withdrawal date, withdrawing from a class is possible for extenuating circumstances, but it's a more complicated procedure and it will only be approved if the reasons are truly extenuating. Keep in mind that poor classroom performance is NOT an extenuating circumstance. It is also important to be familiar with any financial aid implications before withdrawing from a class."
- By Linda Lacny

Campus Involvement
"The college experience is certainly a unique one that will have many implications for the rest of your life. It is important to dive right in. The experience will be more rewarding and enjoyable if you step right up to the plate. Get involved in campus life, not only in the classroom, but in other areas as well. Life will surely be easier if it is shared with the people around you. Many students are timid when it comes to talking with others, especially teachers. Talking with and getting to know your instructors is as important as showing up for class. Teacher-student involvement is an indication of a serious and committed student. So study hard, get involved, and enjoy yourself!"
- By Shawn Reagan

Top Ten Reasons: Why Are You Flunking Out?
"I'm bringing you, direct from the home office in Sioux City, Saskatchewan Today's "Top Ten List." The subject of this Academic Survival Top Ten List is "why are you flunking out of Edinboro University?" O.K., here we go, the top ten reasons you're flunking out of Edinboro is:

#10 All the professors in this school are morons.

# 9 The cafeteria food is secretly laced with a chemical that makes me stupid.

# 8 A college degree is over rated. Sharon Stone did not complete her Edinboro academic program and look how famous she is.

# 7 A college degree is really unnecessary. John Wayne Bobbitt doesn't have an Edinboro degree and he seems to have put things back together pretty well.

# 6 The scheduling computer predetermines my failure. How could I possibly be expected to attend classes that begin before noon?

# 5 My QPA is 0.20 right now. However next semester I'm joining the fraternity. They have all the tests and required academic materials on file so I can expect a 4.00 next Fall.

# 4 I'm an important link in the local Edinboro economy. Shoot, if I went to class and studied, the "Hotel" would probably go bankrupt.

# 3 Human development necessitates a prioritizing of one's life. Right now I'm concentrating on my socialization skills.

# 2 It's not what you know but who you know. So right now I'm dating 3 of my professors.

# 1 I'm not failing the system, the system is failing me.

O.K., so there are a lot of reasons for not doing well academically. However, some day you've got to accept that you, and you alone are responsible for your life and its success or failure. If you are not trying to be the best student you can be right now, you're wasting time, money and risking your chances of future happiness. Quit whining! Get to class and keep up on your assignments. That task should be #1 on your 'Top Ten List.' "
- By Doug Watts

College and Alcohol Reading
"Most people come to college expecting to have a good time while they're here, and some think that means drinking games or chugging contests. Did you know that most students at Edinboro don't drink heavily? Fewer than half drink even once a week, and only one in five drinks three nights a week or more. On the whole, at every campus in the country -- including Edinboro -- the less students drink, the better their grades are. Think about it. If you drink lightly -- or not at all -- you're much less likely to miss classes, do poorly on an exam, have trouble concentrating, or have to spend time dealing with the aftermath of a binge. So take a minute to look at your lifestyle and make some healthy decisions about alcohol and other drug use. If you choose not to abuse, you not only have a lot of company at Edinboro, but you're far more likely to succeed academically."
- By Mary Anne Weiner

Stay Clean and Stay Cool
"College can be a transitional period for many students. It's hard to know what to expect--academic pressures, different environment, making new friends and "fitting in". WOW! I used to think fitting in meant hanging out with my friends and drinking all the time. Now that I am in graduate school, I realize that one doesn't have to drink to have fun. Alcohol is a drug. You don't have to drink or do drugs to be 'cool'. Be high on life, not drugs. And remember it is O.K. to say NO. Don't let someone tell you that you have to drink or it's O.K. to just have one beer. If you don't want it don't take it. If someone is your friend they'll understand."
- By Valerie Smith

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