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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mathematics Tips: Math Strategies

Andrea Michelle Jones:
To get better is to do all assignments as planned by teacher. That way, when its time to take the test you will not have to cram down a 3 to 4 week course in a night if you haven't done the assignments as planned to that were due. Don't spend time in earsing waste while taking the test. You need all the time you need.

Do your homework whether you have to turn it in or not. At first I figured that if I didn't have to turn it in I wouldn't do the homework. I got a 46% on my first exam. For the second test, I did all the homework and did several chapter reviews and practice tests. I got a 94% on that exam.

Stephen Nguyen Review: Absolutely correct. Math is not hard. Be sure to do all of the homeworks assigned. If you are stuck on a problem, re-read carefully your lecture notes and examples in the book. Chances there is a similar problem to your homework problem. If you still do not know how to solve the problem, ask your classmates or your teacher. It is important you know how to solve all homework problems because problems in the test are sometimes similar to those in the homework. Knowing how to solve all the homework problems will guarantee you a high B or above. To prepare for a perfect test, re-do all of your homework problems. By the way, do your homeworks early else you probably won't have enough time to complete all problems assigned.

You should expect math to be a time consuming class. Doing the homework is the biggest thing and the Math Lab located in Taft Hall is helpful. Also, I studied with classmates when the opportunity presented itself. This was nice because when we explained things to each other we found out how much we didn't know.

I keep candy close by and every time I finish a problem I reward myself with a piece of candy.

To do well in math, definitely study in groups. There's also a Math Lab in Taft. There are a lot of places on campus that have practice exams available (library, professors, etc.). These practice exams are very useful.

If you don't understand something, go see a tutor. Honors College offers tutoring and it's free!

Always, always do the assigned problems and then also do other problems that weren't assigned. I've noticed a pattern with my professors. On the tests, there always seem to be some of the problems that weren't assigned.

I not only went to my own discussion but I also went to other T.A.'s discussions in hopes that something would stick.

Always take at least two practice tests and talk to the professor and T.A.! The Math Labs are very helpful and so is the workshop which counts for one credit hour.

I always do practice tests and go to review sections.

The T.A.'s and professors know what you need to know and they will work with you -- not to mention give you helpful tips. You can't shy away from them when you're dealing with math. They'll help you pull up your grade.

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