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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

College Motivation

College Success is More Than Academics
"I used to think that the best way to succeed in school was to study, study and even study some more. I realized the saying that 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' really holds true at the college level. College success is more than just academics; it's learning how to be an adult for the first time in your life. It's about developing tremendous interpersonal relationships with professors, counselors, and most importantly your peers. It's the whole college experience that enables one to truly succeed. Meeting new people, opening your mind to different ideas and cultures, and most importantly, the enjoyment of the four plus years that you're in school. Years from now, you will look back and consider your time in school as one of if not the best time of your life. That being the case, I strongly recommend that yout take time and appreciate each goal that is achieved. If you don't take time to 'pat yourself on the back', more so than not, no one else will. Two things to keep in mind:

  1. You are your biggest supporter and your harshest critic.
  2. Remember to respect your goals that you are trying to attain and appreciate and reflect on the ones you have reached."

- By Greg DiStefano

Ask Questions
"Being a freshman is always challenging, as you step into a new world of exciting adventures. Maybe you've heard a lot about Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, or perhaps Abraham Lincoln, but you never had the chance to read or actually have someone tell you about their works and what they did for society and the entire human race. And so, as you step into college you should be ready to explore what was once a dormant seed in you and erase the fear of college and being a freshman. Life is full of new adventures and being a freshman is no different. Although it may seem a little difficult at first, the key to success is determination and motivation. Always think positive. Ask questions. Remember, no question is a dumb question. You go to school to learn, so take advantage of it and go for it."
- By Dr. Karim Hossain

Positive Thinking and Science
"Because of past negative experiences, many students are anxious about being in science classes. They're convinced that they can't do any science because they did poorly in these courses in junior high and high school. If you tell yourself that you're going to fail, you will. As difficult as it may seem, you have to adopt a positive attitude. Anything you believe you can do, you can do. I give this advice to all my students. Many come in convinced that they can't do biology and 15 weeks later they express amazement at how well they have done. Listen to me. Adopting a positive attitude has proven effective for many students. It will work for you."
- By Dr. Dale Hunter

Setting Goals
"Little is done by any of us without motivation and a goal in mind. Motivation is the internal fire which allows each of us to ascend to something we have yet to achieve. For university students, a goal to graduate provides one of the first destinations as we journey down the academic road toward fulfillment of our degree. Remain focused on your goal to graduate. The path leading to a degree will have many options along the way which can entice you to deviate from your goal. Each time you pass one of these deviations you will strengthen your motivation to remain on course. Although we can all be temporarily mislead in our journey, if your goal is sound and your motivation to achieve your goal is high, you will be successful. Keep in mind that the education you receive at your university will provide you with the knowledge necessary for the attainment of many future goals."
- By Bob McConnell

Setting Priorities
"Approach your college education as a game or competition. Set goals that are reasonable for each of your classes and then establish a game plan to be successful. Establish priorities in your study habits by managing your time correctly. Be prepared for each class every day with a positive attitude. You will only get out of each class what you put forth in effort. We tell our players to not waste time because it's so valuable. One method we teach them is to make flash cards or note cards that they can carry with them at all times, and then if they are waiting for someone or just have some time on their hands they can take their cards out and review them. With flash cards you can also make-up a game or competition of knowledge in each course so that the material becomes more interesting to learn. Finally, never get discouraged and always continue to be persistent toward your goals. If you know your goals, are persistent, and properly prepare for each class you should meet with great success."
- By Stan Swank

Keeping Things in Perspective
"Do you sometimes find yourself confused about things and can't concentrate on your coursework? You do have many decisions to make in the next several years, and some of the answers might come easily to you, and others might not. You may be with other students who have known all their lives what they want to be, or where they want to live, or who they want to marry. You may find that some of your own plans are no longer right for you, or some of the values that you believed in are no longer valid, or that you are no longer certain who you are. These confusions are difficult for any of us to handle, and they can sometimes prevent us from spending enough time on our courses.

My first tip is don't panic. You're not the only one with these kinds of questions. In fact, just about all students go through this during their college years. The right answers will come to you in time, and this process marks you as an adult. It's still a rough experience, but sometimes knowing that most college students go through this CAN help to ease the shock of it happening to you.

My second tip is to remember that you're not alone. There are many offices, people and services at your university that are designed to help you through these times. Know who and where these are, and don't hesitate to use them. So good luck, and remember to keep things in perspective."
- By Philip Kerstetter

Passing Life's Test
"In life people want the best. You got to work harder and rougher than the rest. For if you really want to pass life's test do well in school and you'll get to the next. So while you're in school--you get all that you can. I'm talking school smarts--you get all that you can. Cause in the real world you want to be the man. So get all that you can. Get all that you can."
- By Ledell Miller

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